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Nov 062014

Many of you have probably been staring at this for the past few days:


I am in the final weeks of training for the Williams Route 66 Marathon. Fueling my running (okay… EATING because I’m always hungry) is very important at the moment. I try to eat a well-rounded diet and definitely don’t think candy should be a regular part of that. However, if there were ever a time when I would slip up and get behind (“EAT ALL THE CANDY”) it would be now. I will admit, I have calculated my mileage in pieces of chocolate… just for fun! For the record, I’m not eating all the candy. I’m just thinking about it!

My children had a blast trick-or-treating and they do enjoy eating candy. I don’t want to just make the candy disappear! I’d like to try and teach them to make good choices on their own. I went and purchased candy to hand out and I know others took the time to do the same to make for a fun Halloween. I don’t just want to throw it away.



Here are some ideas I came up with to use and enjoy our Halloween candy in moderation:

1. Running Fuel: Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, Dots, Candy Corn… There are quite a bit of these type of items in our candy collection this year. The fun sizes are portioned and ready to be carried on a run. I’ll be sticking to my usual gels for racing, but I’m not an avid gel user the rest of the time — so I don’t always have them on hand. I plan on sorting these out and stashing them for when I need running fuel in a pinch.


2. Trail Mix:  I LOVE sweet and salty. I always need an afternoon pick-me-up to curb my appetite and prevent me from doing a ton of bad snacking. Making pre-portioned bags will prevent overeating.  I’m thinking M&M’s with preztels or popcorn, some good nuts…

3. Chop and use as a topping: We have a ton of chocolate bars. Personally, with this candy variety “out of sight out of mind” is the best approach. My plan is to smash some of them up (I’m sure my kids will be willing to help with this!) and store or freeze for later use. Some possibilities would include: a topping for at home fro-yo or yogurt, a special treat mixed in oats, or for later use in a cookie recipe for Thanksgiving or Christmas (another special time to indulge a little!).

Candy will never be healthy, but learning to enjoy in moderation always will be!

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