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Dec 162014
Running for a Cause: Making it Count

A race is often a fitness-themed fundraising event. You support a charity, group, person, or a good cause while getting some exercise. You are doing something good for yourself in addition to doing something good for others. There’s the phrase, “be part of something bigger than yourself,” that truly applies to races that benefit a Continue Reading «Running for a Cause: Making it Count»

Dec 112014
Out of Nowhere? Cook Goes Back-To-Back in Oklahoma

I’ve known Jason Cook for quite a while, since the days when we were both Mckinley Elementary Mavericks. He’s a couple years older than I am, which is enough of a divide that we didn’t really hang out much, but we grew up in the same neighborhood and matriculated through the same Norman Public Schools. Continue Reading «Out of Nowhere? Cook Goes Back-To-Back in Oklahoma»