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Grief Walking

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Dec 152015
Grief Walking

This time of year can be a sad, intro-perspective season for many. If you are one of those people, I’m truly sorry for your loss. Whether it was a loss of an ideal, a person in your life, or financial – hear my empathic understanding. Oftentimes those around you don’t fully understand how to validate Continue Reading «Grief Walking»

Dec 062015
One Thing Never To Say To Your Kid Who Plays Sports

As parents, we often want to encourage our kids to get active and moving. Often times that comes in the form of sports. I believe there are tons of lessons children can learn from team and individual sports! Things like endurance, sportsmanship, teamwork, agility, dedication, cause and effect and the list goes on and on! Continue Reading «One Thing Never To Say To Your Kid Who Plays Sports»

Nov 242015

Months ago, I signed up to participate in the 2nd annual Battle at the Ballpark with 3 of my friends.  It’s a two-day, four-person (2 Male, 2 Female) team, Crossfit competition held at OneOk Field by Crossfit T-Town.  Of our team, only one would be what I call a “seasoned competitor.”  Then there was me; Continue Reading «Battle »

Nov 062015
Has It Been 40 Hours Yet!!? (Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd)

It was a dark and stormy night… Well, actually it was an absolutely gorgeous night. Cool temperatures, clear skies. No moon though…but hey, you can’t get everything you want. So, on October 16, at 10:00 p.m., 15 souls stood at the starting line of the Pumpkin Holler 135 Mile Ultramarathon. I signed up for this Continue Reading «Has It Been 40 Hours Yet!!? (Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd)»

Nov 042015
Catching Up With OKC Memorial Marathon Champion Scott Downard

Scott Downard, overall winner of the 2015 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, takes a moment to himself after his 2:31.30 finish. Scott has come close to winning several times and was finally able to break through, even after fighting asthma through a large segment of the race. (photo by KT King, The Oklahoman)   I had the pleasure Continue Reading «Catching Up With OKC Memorial Marathon Champion Scott Downard»

Nov 042015
Happy Movember!

Happy Movember everyone! For those of you who aren’t familiar, “Movember” is a recent social development, similar to the infamous “No Shave November,” where men have decided to grow a mustache during the month of November in order to raise awareness of men’s health issues. While the official national month for men’s health is June, Continue Reading «Happy Movember!»