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Jan 012015

The new year is here.  Hello 2015!

As 2014 came to an end, I saw more and more, especially on social media, people making comments about the gym being full after New Year’s Eve.  The empty parking lot before New Year’s next to the completely full parking lot after New Year’s.   When we post these kind of mockings, it’s just being negative and rather arrogant.

Here’s my take on it:  So what if there are more people trying to lose weight or get fit because of some New Year’s resolution?  When did this become a bad thing?  Is their goal any less just because it’s a “New Year’s Resolution”?

Yes, I have read that the numbers of people to start a plan and eventually fall off the wagon are high, but they are not 100%.  Of those people, there will be at least one person that finally gets it. This is why you should be excited that your gym is full.  People are trying – this is a GOOD thing.


Many of us that read this publication are into fitness, and there are a number of people that wish they were.  I am someone that struggled for many years before finally finding what worked for me.  I “failed” many times.  I had the same New Year’s resolution each year because it didn’t stick the year before. I didn’t know what was healthy or what to do, and having people judge me for trying would have been very discouraging.

What if when you’re at the gym, instead of muttering how you have to wait to use a machine or scowling at the newbie trying to figure out how to use equipment, you are friendly and patient?  I’m not suggesting mentoring or helping them, but you could always go try some other machine or do something else.  Making someone else uncomfortable or unwelcome isn’t going to help them succeed.

After all, those newbies are working to improve themselves, so push yourself to be the best possible you.  Maybe you have been going to the gym all year….congratulations that’s awesome.  Remember, we all had to start at some point.  Be the reason someone succeeds instead of propelling someone to fail.

Now, go to the gym and lift something heavy.

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