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Jan 132015

My word of 2015: Fast.


Yes, we are already half way through January 2015. No, I don’t have a plan yet. So, if you are looking for a training plan or speed workouts you won’t find it in this post! Here’s what I’ve got so far and I’m feeling really good about it:

- Today and every day I want to be fast.

- I want to be steadfast in my beliefs, convictions, and commitments.

- I want to be fastened and secure as an anchor to those around me who need it.

- I want to be a fast friend who is loyal and dependable.

- I want to be colorfast and not fade even on days I feel like I’ve been put in the spin cycle!

- I want to hold fast. I’m sure this year there will be times when I slip or get caught up in something… and that’s ok… because I will not let go.

- I would also like to be plain old fast.  We are runners, cyclist, swimmers… (isn’t being “capable of moving at high speed” always on the list?)

Stay fast, my friends!


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