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Jan 142015


Say what you must about airplane food and inadequate personal space, but God made me “travel sized” (5’ 1 5/8” tall) for a reason: I’ll always travel coach and He knew I’d get to travel a LOT!

There is a plethora of things one learns with frequent air travel: remembering which airports have the best benches for sleeping, how to keep toiletries from exploding all over your luggage, how to pack like a minimalist, the sound of the landing gear, the distinct rattle of the drink/food carts, etc. And of course, there is the obligatory turbulence.

This freaks out a good number of people. If you’ve never experienced it, it’s exactly what you’d imagine the first stages of a plane crash might feel like…it’s rough and seems uncontrolled. What I find amazing is that the captain sometimes knows beforehand when we’ll go through that rough patch. Yes, he has ground control helping him out, half a million electronic gizmos in the cock pit, and tons of experience. He knows how to get around or through it.

As a newbie runner, I didn’t know how to listen to my body’s feedback just yet. Pain is just pain until I could interpret the subtle spectrum between merely sore to actual injury. And as a beginning fighter, I couldn’t read my opponent telegraphing their next move. Coaches and instructors are my ground control and gizmos…yes, there are injuries and set backs (turbulence), but no crashes.

No one experiences turbulence from the safety of the ground…you have to be going somewhere to hit those rough spots. The ones that cause your adrenaline to pump, your drink to spill, and a few to panic. Turbulence is not discouraging — it is evidence of forward movement.

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