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Jan 152015

Uh-oh! It’s January and I am already in a fitness rut. No upcoming runs, no major motivation to tackle a new skill…hmm…just a good ole’ fashion rut.

Man Sitting In Valley

If I look back on my fitness history, I’ve done one of two things – either signed up for something just to “feel” fitness again or bust out the gelato and declare a fitness sabbatical. I can’t say that I am sure that either of those options would be a good idea this time.

My gut is that I might need to learn what daily fitness looks and feels like. In the fitness realm, I’m your crisis woman. Most of my runs have been motivated by a relationship – someone “needs” to run something and I love to spur them on and benefit in the meantime.

But as of today, no one needs me. So, I’m going to have to learn how to live healthy in a daily dose kinda way. I am talking about the way that gets a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise at least six days a week kinda way. Maybe my playlist and the machines at the gym will get me through this rut.

What are some ways you’ve pulled yourself out of a fitness rut?

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