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Feb 232015
Running Goofy!

We press toward the mark. We push our speed. We check off our training miles and delve into miles-per-week, minutes-per-mile and steps-per-minute. We compare previous times and train for another PR. But sometimes it’s nice to let all of that go. I’ve been running watchless lately. To some runners this is the equivalent of running Continue Reading «Running Goofy!»

Feb 202015
Cheat Meals: Hurtful or Helpful?

Someone explain something to me: why is everything good in this world illegal, immoral, or fattening? Okay maybe not illegal or immoral but fattening for sure. Doughnuts are good, nachos are good, and cheesecake is fantastic. Unfortunately, all of those things are fattening and you will probably never see them on any kind of diet Continue Reading «Cheat Meals: Hurtful or Helpful?»

Feb 192015

Elijah is fighting for his life against cancer and I’m pleased to say he is currently winning. Working in a missions and benevolence organization (cleverly disguised as a family of fighters), I get to meet some remarkable people all over the world. Elijah is one of these. He is one of our instructors in the Continue Reading «Elijah»

Feb 152015
Gear Review:  Newton Motion III Limited Edition

If you know what the phrases #lugshots or #hellobetter mean, then you’re likely a runner using the shoe brand Newton. Since 2006, the company has been a leading innovator of the forefoot/midfoot running style and has crafted a unique design into their shoes to encourage a forefoot strike via the innovative “actuator lug” technology. The Continue Reading «Gear Review: Newton Motion III Limited Edition»

Feb 092015
Outside the Heart-Shaped Box

Think outside the heart shaped box of chocolates and do something fitness related this week to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas to get those endorphins flowing: Register for a race together. Run with your sweetheart or maybe your relationship can handle a little healthy competition? Edmond Running Club’s Frigid Five Miler takes place Continue Reading «Outside the Heart-Shaped Box»