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May 262015

I’ve finally signed up for a race after having kids and taking a few years off from competing. And instead of easing my way in, I’ve entered the “Conquer the Gauntlet” race in Tulsa, on August 22. This is thanks to my best friend who signed us up after I texted her and said, “What do you think? Doesn’t this look cool?” Gulp. Now no looking back.

So how do you train for an event like this? It is a 4-mile race with 25 obstacles. Gulp again! What an awesome challenge, though – I’m pumped! I’m putting on my trainer thinking cap and trying to think outside the box. I currently play soccer 1-2x/week, my gym training now consists of functional strength training/movement pattern training 3-4x/week, and I try to run 1-2x/week. I’m also getting ready to teach speed, agility, and quickness classes and camps and will definitely gain benefit from that.


For my training program, I’m taking into consideration the following:

1. Primal movements are key, as they are to me in my current training. This includes squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, twisting, bending and gait (walking/jogging/jumping).

2. I need to be able to pull myself over walls (using upper & lower body). Doing rope pulls (from a seated to standing position) and TRX rowing/pulls will help me with this, as will pull ups/kip ups and the versa climber. I also need to just go find some walls outside to climb over.

3. I need to be able to crawl through mud (i.e. have strength in a crawling position). I should have no problem training for this considering our current weather pattern! I can also simulate it at a gym…first without weight then perhaps attach a pulley or tube around my waist for resistance.

4. I need to have good cardio and strength endurance. The running will be intervals, which is what I’m accustomed to thanks to years of playing and training for soccer. I need to create a circuit that includes running intervals between my strength training exercises. (I’m thinking of 2-3 strength exercises followed by 5-8 min running.)

5. I need to have good balance. Some obstacles include balancing on ropes and wooden beams. I will focus on this with some outdoor training on curbs and maybe use the long airex pad at the gym with different overhead exercises.

Stay tuned and I’ll provide some actual exercises and photos in my next blog!

Alana Yates


SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) at ISS with Alana Yates, MS 

This is not your typical SAQ camp!

Athletes need the ability to stabilize their bodies and move well in all planes (forward, backward, laterally, etc.) They also need the ability to rotate their bodies and change directions quickly, as well as accelerate/decelerate efficiently to avoid injury. We won’t simply throw out speed ladders and cones and expect the athletes to teach themselves proper mechanics. While you can only gain so much speed, agility, and quickness in a few days, you can learn about your body and your strengths and weaknesses to best succeed in the SAQ of your game.

We focus on:

Flexibility & Mobility-teaching you different ways to recover faster so you can maximize your training.

Core Stability, Strength & Power-using a variety of tools including one of the best-bodyweight! All movement originates at the core so it’s crucial to train it to stabilize, create strength, and then ultimately, produce power.

Functional Strength-using exercises with sports-like movement patterns to help you improve rotation, change of direction, and acceleration/deceleration.

SAQ Drills-using bodyweight, cones, partners, agility ladders, tubing, medicine balls, etc. to hit all of the above elements while impacting speed, agility and quickness. You will be challenged, and most of all, take away exercises you can do on your own to improve your game.

Camp dates:
June 1-5 Soccer
June 8-12 Lacrosse
June 15-19 Baseball or Soccer
June 22-26 Soccer
July 13-17 Soccer
July 20-23 Lacrosse
July 27-31 Football
Camp Ages:  8-16

Skill Levels:  All 

Camp Layout:  1.5 hours SAQ followed by sport-specific training performed by sport-specific coaches. All camps are 4 days of instruction followed by a 5th day of campers to play and practice on their own without instruction. *Please note the SAQ is 4 days only (Mon-Thurs).

Camp Options:  $150 for full camp (SAQ & sport-specific training) or $60 for SAQ portion only. (This means an athlete may attend soccer/lacrosse/baseball/football camp and not be in that particular sport but still attend the SAQ portion of that camp.)

*Please note the SAQ is 4 days only. (Mon-Thurs).

If you have additional questions, please contact me at contact@alanayatesfitness.com or ISS Owasso at 918-371-4090 or ISSOwasso.com.

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