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May 302015

My husband and I share office space. Which means that I get free executive coaching sometimes through his closed door and he gets an ear full of the needs of children of divorce. It also means that I beg for a “feelings” conversation while he preaches “action items.” I’m convinced that somewhere between us lies the perfect formula for living.

But when it comes to physical health, his approach trumps mine any day of the week and twice on Sunday. He gets staying on the proverbial horse. He does it through his love of incrementalism.

A few months ago, my “feelings” got me thrown off the exercise horse. As I was throwing a bunch of eggs into the family basket, finishing grad school, and writing, I found myself struggling to keep up my morning workout routine. So, instead of squeezing in a lesser amount of time, I opted to just gently slide right off the horse into complacency.

Now, this half marathoner can barely run two miles without being sore and has half a closet on stand-by for the tighter lower half to come home. Needless to say, like many other areas of my life, I am at a crossroads. Will I listen to the wisdom that echoes down the hall to seize each day through incremental steps of advancement or will I let the “feelings” of shame and disappointment keep me on the ground?

May the latter never be! Although tomorrow isn’t a Monday and I still have stitches in my chest from a skin cancer scare, I vow to valiantly grab hold and ride.

Giddy up!


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