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Jun 302015
Knee Deep In Fun

(from July/August 2015 issue, photos courtesy Tough Mudder) Tough Mudder promotes itself as “Probably The Toughest Event On The Planet,” and their videos and marketing do a good job to project that message. They depict shirtless super fit athletes struggling through miles of various obstacles. They often don’t show the slews of everyday people that Continue Reading «Knee Deep In Fun»

Jun 122015
Ms. Judy: A Portrait of Perseverance

“Well, I’m off to kick small children”, says Ms. Judy as she leaves her office to teach karate. Her co-workers return her quirky departure with inquisitive “have you lost your mind?” looks. “Hey, they hit back” she replies with mock exasperation. Judy Stokley was the portrait of perseverance. Despite her advanced age, she started karate Continue Reading «Ms. Judy: A Portrait of Perseverance»