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Jul 022015

Now that I’m “middle aged,” I am noticing a distinct disparity in aging amongst my peers. I’m certain this phenomenon will increase as time goes by, but it still catches me off guard. An old friend used to say “At twenty, you have the body God gave you. At forty, you have the body you earned.”

Einstein developed an idea called the theory of special relativity which roughly states that matter in motion experiences time more slowly compared to stationary objects. As I browse through running expos, doing some serious people watching, I believe this to be true for humans. Naturally, I’m not proposing that the faster someone runs, the fewer wrinkles they’ll have, or that they’ll get carded for beer in their 50’s if they clock a four minute mile. However, there is a delightful correlation between physical activity and maintaining youthful vigor. Let’s ignore the part of the theory that also states that the same object becomes denser (heavier) the faster it goes…this is where my analogy breaks down.

The second law of thermodynamics is the law of entropy which roughly states that systems tend to move from order to disorder. What a shame to sit still and allow the body to atrophy, the muscles to stiffen, and the blood to lazily slide through a consistently bored physique…cue the achy joints.

Fortunately, we are able to counteract this diffusion of potential by turning the tide the other direction. It is never too late to become more active, to take charge of the body that was made for action, and reach for the fullest potential for the years (and wear) we have left in these bodies. We are not just objects acted upon by the laws of naturewe are a force of nature.

special relativity

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  1. As 42 approaches rapidly, I love the quote!

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