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Jul 232015

In continuing my obstacle course training for my August 22 race, I’ve found that I’m really enjoying coming up with ways to train for the obstacles. As I mentioned in my last blog, here is a sample of a typical workout:

After using the grid to work on tight areas/myofascial release, I always do a dynamic, movement-pattern warm up. I like performing a mix of rotational patterns in kneeling and standing positions and doing a mix of lunges in different directions. And then I get to it!

1. Bear Crawls (In a plank position with bent knees, butt up in the air, and a sink in the entire back, perform small opposite arm/leg crawling movement forward x10each. Repeat movement backward x10 each. Repeat movement sideways with same side leg and arm moving together x10each.)


2. Hand Over Hand Bar Swings (Find a bar that you can hang from and climb hand over hand until you reach a point…perform approximately 6-10 hand over hands each.)

3. Single Leg Squats (Using a bench as a point of contact, balance on right leg with left leg parallel to right. Squat down to tap bench and come up. Repeat 10x each leg.)

4. Lateral Jumps Over Bench (Place hands on either side of a bench and jump laterally over the bench before jumping quickly again to the other side of the bench. Repeat 10x each leg.)


5. Military Crawl (Lying on your stomach, use opposite leg/arm movement and crawl forward using open knees and elbows. Repeat 20x each leg.)

6. Rope Wall Pullups (Set up rope near a wall and climb up the rope while driving yourself up the wall with your legs x5 each.

Repeat the circuit 3-5x and incorporate 3-5 minute running bouts and/or Stair Climbing and/or Jacob’s Ladder intervals (:15-:30 hard followed by :15-:30 easier).

I’ve been doing this type of workout 2x/week in addition to running 1-2x/week, playing soccer 1x/week, and doing additional strength/functional/movement type training 2x/week. Will we be ready for the August 22, race?! I hope so – stay tuned!

Yours in Health,
Alana Yates

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