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Sep 282015
Your Best Performance: The Checklist

Over this past year, I have compiled a list from various interviews I have read with elite endurance athletes, and from my own personal experiences, of what athletes do in their daily lives that enables them to train and race at the elite level. Yes, I’m sure there are many other bullet points that could Continue Reading «Your Best Performance: The Checklist»

Sep 232015
Using Exercise to Fight The Flu?

With flu season right around the corner, the question on every athlete’s mind is likely: “Will my exercise affect my immune system?”or “Is it okay to exercise while sick with the flu?”These are legitimate concerns, and much research has been conducted regarding theirs answers. Let us look at the facts. In the United States, there Continue Reading «Using Exercise to Fight The Flu?»

Sep 062015
Your Turn

I’m sure you’ve listened to the instructions on an airplane for mothers on the plane to put on their own oxygen mask first if the cabin loses pressure. Well, what about self-care? It seems so selfish, yet logical. Over the last two weeks our family has been challenged with multiple new experiences. We’ve moved an hour Continue Reading «Your Turn»

Sep 062015
Preparing for the Tulsa Run: Taking on the Hills

A good tip for any upcoming race is: know your course. Now you certainly don’t need to memorize every turn or curve, but know enough about it to incorporate similar courses into your training. When training specifically for the upcoming Tulsa Run, be aware — the course does have hills! Not just one or two, Continue Reading «Preparing for the Tulsa Run: Taking on the Hills»