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Sep 062015

Katie2 A good tip for any upcoming race is: know your course.

Now you certainly don’t need to memorize every turn or curve, but know enough about it to incorporate similar courses into your training. When training specifically for the upcoming Tulsa Run, be aware — the course does have hills! Not just one or two, but several, both short and steep hills and long and gradual hills. Now is the time to fit in hill training sessions.

Hills are tough, especially if you are running on tired legs; they can be scary and unpleasant. I have found hill training is easier and more bearable if I find different hills to run every week. Here are some some suggestions of different hill courses to train on.

The Creek Turnpike Trail

If you want a long run, ten or more miles, hit the Creek Turnpike Trail. There are several places you can start. I like to park at NSU in Broken Arrow and run west towards TCCC. This path is paved and follows the Creek Turnpike. The trail takes you up and over several overpasses so you have some good accents and descents. Another good starting location is 96th and Riverside (and run east towards the hills). Again, overpasses make for some good hills, just watch the traffic at street crossings.

Midtown Tulsa

Another very hilly area of Tulsa is the Midtown area. The neighborhoods north and south of 41st Street between Yale and Peoria have some solid climbs. These hills are more short and steep as opposed to the long and gradual ones you will find on the Creek Turnpike Trail.

Start on Riverside (and Head East)

Another great place to start is basically anywhere on Riverside Drive and run east. 71st Street and 81st Street have long gradual hills. Just be sure to stay on the sidewalks and go early in the morning, as these are high traffic areas.

Golf Ball Hill (Hill Repeats)

A good place to do hill repeats is Golf Ball Hill in south Tulsa. Park at Oral Roberts University and run east. You will see the white water tower at the top of the hill. It is about a half mile from the bottom of the hill to the top, so it is easy to run up and down several times.

Turkey Mountain

Of course, dirt trails always make for good hill training. The Turkey Mountain area is an excellent place to knock out some good hill runs. If you want a real challenge, do hill repeats up and down Lipbuster Hill. Otherwise, follow the dirt paths marked with blue, yellow, or red. If you prefer to run on pavement, you can run up 71st Street, go through the park and run up and down the hill just to the north of the restrooms.

By the time you have run all of these courses, you should be good and ready to take on the hills of the 38th Annual Tulsa Federal Union Tulsa Run. It will be here before we know it!

Happy training, everyone!!


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