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Your Turn

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Sep 062015


I’m sure you’ve listened to the instructions on an airplane for mothers on the plane to put on their own oxygen mask first if the cabin loses pressure. Well, what about self-care? It seems so selfish, yet logical.

Over the last two weeks our family has been challenged with multiple new experiences. We’ve moved an hour away from the only home we’ve all known as a family. Our sweet daughter skipped a grade and started a new high school in the new town. My husband and I are both putting a lot of time and energy into a university that has captivated our hearts. And lastly, the real kicker, we are living out of two bedrooms and sharing a bath in a house that is being totally remodeled.

My husband’s running routine has not changed a bit. Apparently he got the flight message and secured his own personal self-care. Me, on the other hand, I’ve been managing the experience and waiting on someone to say, “it’s your turn.” Well, guess what? I’m not on a plane.

If you are the mom spending all of your energy and thought and time on your family….this is for you, “IT’S YOUR TURN!” The benefits of eating right and exercising at least thirty minutes each day are completely undisputed. Similar to putting on your oxygen mask first, your willingness to care for yourself allows you the health and peace of mind to love your family well.

Yes, I am preaching to the choir. I’ve studied in great length the value of drinking half of your body weight in water daily, the importance of cardio workouts for your stamina, and how daily quiet or recharge times are essential to brain health. But to know it and actually grant myself permission to live it are two completely different animals.

So, for all of us struggling to prioritize self-care, let’s encourage each other to take our own turns throughout the week and not label them “selfish” or “self-indulgent.” Those who need us and rely on us daily need us to be strong and healthy. Our own self-care allows us to love well, not less.

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