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Sep 122015

In college, I picked up running as a means to keep off the “freshman 15”. Honestly, I hated it! Running a mile or two was torture! While in college my uncle passed away from cancer which gave me enough motivation to do a 5K that was raising money for cancer patients. After that race I was hooked! I realized running could be used for good causes and I became competitive within myself. I began upping the ante each race up to the marathon distance. I discovered running was totally for me!

Running is totally for me- Cassie Celestain

Running and racing continues to be a part of my life. I met my husband, Ryan, at the Tulsa Run. We had a running themed wedding. Today, Ryan is a triathlete. My one year old daughter often goes on runs with me in the stroller. I not so secretly hope that she enjoys running when she is older. Not because I want her to do what I do, but more because I know what it has taught me and how much joy it brings me. I want my daughter to experience those things for herself. Really, when it comes down to it, I don’t mind what she does as long as she finds something that is totally for her.

Not only do I want that for my own daughter, but I want that for children everywhere! It is a part of my personal mission to equip parents, teachers and educators with resources that enable them to encourage kids to discover themselves through fitness and play. One part of that personal vision was to write my first children’s book, “Running Is Totally For Me”. It is not only a book, but includes activities that can be done with the children to explore different sports.

Running Is Totally For Me - Children's Sports Books and Activities

Not only as a mother, but a person that believes strongly in being active, I love to encourage people of all ages, sizes and background to get moving. Many times, lack of activity is the result of a person who has not discovered what they enjoy. That is why it is important to encourage kids to get active and find out what they like and dislike at a young age. Each person is different and unique. They get to learn what is totally for them!

Running is totally for me, but what activity is totally for you?

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