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Sep 252015


We are just over a month away from the 38th annual Tulsa Run! Whether you are training to win or just finish, I hope your training is going well and you are staying injury free. As with any training cycle, you may begin to feel a little run down or fatigued at this point. This is a good time to take a hard look at your nutrition.

Are you making good food choices? There are many fad diets out there that claim to make you faster, leaner, and healthier, but, are you making good food choices specifically for you?

Good nutrition is an important piece of the training puzzle. From no meat, to all meat, to no carb, to all liquid, you can find just about any “diet” that claims to be the right one. I have found over my 20 years of running (and experimenting with everything), nothing works better than an overall even balance of each of the food groups.

I personally tend to run best with a lot of protein. The night before a big race, most of my meal is made up of meat, and I’ll have a side of vegetables. I used to have a big plate of spaghetti the night before, but I was having terrible stomach issues come race morning. So, I experimented. I cut out the pasta, and my issues went away. That is the beauty of having over a month until race day, you have time to experiment and try different things.

Another helpful tip: don’t deprive your body of what you crave. You have cravings because your body is lacking something. If you are in the mood for a big steak, your body wants protein. If you want a cookie, you probably have low blood sugar. Everything is okay in moderation. Now don’t go eating the entire bag of cookies, but one won’t hurt. Don’t order the 72 ounce steak, but a normal serving size of 4-6 ounces is very healthy. Go ahead and have that beer or glass of wine, it is okay!! Just don’t go overboard.

It is also good to stay somewhat consistent in the days leading up to a race. If you are used to having ice cream before you go to bed every night, keep having ice cream in the days leading up to the race. Dramatic diet changes in the days leading up to the race are always a bad idea. If you have a nutrition routine during training, don’t change it.

I hope this helps you get you through the upcoming Tulsa Run happy, healthy, and feeling accomplished. Happy running, All!

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