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Oct 082015


Here we are, about three weeks away from the much anticipated Tulsa Run! Lately, I have had many runners, myself included, complain of being excessively tired. There are many reasons for this feeling, running related and not. It is quite common to have feelings of fatigue in the middle of any training cycle. The best advice I can give is to take a little extra time to rest (even if this means cutting back on the miles a little).


A big mistake many runners make when training hard for a specific event is overtraining. This is when you push your body to its limit and don’t make the time to take care of it properly. For example, you may be cutting into your sleep time to get in those extra couple miles. You may have skipped lunch a time or two to squeeze in a run on your lunch break. These are all bad ideas that can┬álead to a poor performance on race day.

If you wake up in the morning and you feel like your heart is beating way too fast for resting, it is time to evaluate how hard you are training and how much rest you are getting. It may be time to take an extra day off. Believe me, if you take an unplanned rest day, or even 2, you will not loose any fitness.

It is also okay to cut a run short. If you had a 6-miler planned after work and you leave the office feeling down and exhausted, just do 3. Maybe you had a track workout of 5 x 800′s planned and after the first three you are simply exhausted. Leave it at that, you don’t need to push it to get the final two finished. Your body will thank you on race day.

Focus on Fuel

You might also want to try getting a little extra fuel. Add an extra piece of turkey to your sandwich, or an extra scoop of peanut butter. Have another glass of milk or orange juice with breakfast. Anything healthy that will add a couple hundred calories should give you an extra energy boost.

Listen to Your Body

Take advantage of recovery tools. Use the foam roller on those legs or check out the local recovery clinics around town. Cryo theropy works wonders for sore muscles. And, I can’t stress enough, sleep, sleep, SLEEP!! Just 5 or 6 hours when you are training hard is just not going to cut it. Take a break, and I’ll see you later on the roads.

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