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Oct 282015

It is finally here. It is time to run the much anticipated Tulsa Run. Whether you are running the 5K or taking on all 9.3 miles of the 15K, I wish everyone the best. Run fast, run smart, and most of all — have fun. You have spent weeks and weeks training for this, now it is time to show off all the work you put in.

I have been approached by a few people over the past week asking for race day advice, so I thought I would oblige.

Get to the race early, but not too early. You may be worried about not finding a place to park, or not having enough time to use the restroom, but too many runners get to the start 2 hours or more before the start. This can cause you to get hungry, dehydrated, or sleepy before the gun goes off. An hour is plenty of time. You WILL find a place to park. You WILL find the start line. You WILL have time to use the restroom, so don’t panic. However, 15 minutes to race start is NOT enough time, and you will be scrambling around to make it to the line on time.

Don’t stress about the weather. It may be raining, but keep in mind: it is raining on everyone (not just you). All participants must deal with the same conditions no matter if they are perfect or terrible.

Don’t skip breakfast race morning. It is important to have a little fuel in your stomach. I would suggest a light breakfast 2 to 3 hours before the race. Everyone is different, and I hope you have had time to experiment and discover what works for you.

Hydrate!!! Even if it is chilly the morning of the race, you should still take in fluids, even if you are cold.

Stay calm! You may be nervous, but remember why you are running. And if you don’t know why you are running, try to enjoy the atmosphere and being in the company of others who are about to take on the same challenge you are.

Okay everyone. Rest up the next few days, go to the expo and get your number, and I’ll see everyone on Saturday, rain or shine!! Good luck and have fun!



(photo taken post Tulsa Run!)

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