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Grief Walking

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Dec 152015


This time of year can be a sad, intro-perspective season for many. If you are one of those people, I’m truly sorry for your loss. Whether it was a loss of an ideal, a person in your life, or financial – hear my empathic understanding. Oftentimes those around you don’t fully understand how to validate your sadness. And most often, healing doesn’t come from the person or people that have hurt you.

Grief is a hard process, a confusing one really. Many counselors compare it to waves that roll in, with each wave an overwhelming emotion or a flat-out “knock-you-on-your-keister” memory. But whether you are in denial, anger, or maybe even temporary acceptance – you can walk it out.

Literally. Walk it out. Take a grief walk. Not only will it raise your serotonin and make your feel more peaceful, but it will give you time to focus on the natural in the world. Nature can comfort a sad soul.

Most years, being sad in December is the last emotion I am feeling. But this year, sadness has almost become a companion. My heart seems to be unloading all of its pent up grief that went unnoticed for so many years because I lived at a pace that prevented it from reaching the surface. Now, however, I live in a small town and have embarked on a new, quieter season.

A season that includes grief walks. Whether I am grieving my dad, my old life, or even my dreams that got forgotten – I am walking it out. As I take in the fresh air, I remember my yoga breaths and cleanse my lungs – taking in new and fresh and letting go of what I can’t control. And of course, I remember, 2016 resolutions are just around the corner…

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  2 Responses to “Grief Walking”

  1. Monica, this has also been a year of grief walking for me. It does help, as do deep friendships and the Holy Spirit reminding me who I am. Sometimes life makes me forget . .

    Love you sweet girl.

    • Karen.
      I just saw your sweet reply. Thank you. You’ve always been a beautiful illustration of the power and healing that comes with vulnerability.
      Love you right back, always.

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