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Feb 202016
Women's Cycling:  Working Towards a Positive Future

For the relatively short amount of time I have been involved with the cycling community, I’ve seen both the strengths and shortcomings of women’s cycling within the regional area. For the most part, I love the instant camaraderie women have when they meet on the bike. Sure, once we toe the starting line, no one is Continue Reading «Women’s Cycling: Working Towards a Positive Future»

Feb 042016
Your Power Struggle (How to Acquire, Harness, and Wield Power)

Is this an article justifying your authoritarian leadership style? No, but it is an article that should help boost your power output and help you make decisions to succeed more and fail less. And by power output I don’t mean how much energy and torque you can create around your bike pedals or your hips Continue Reading «Your Power Struggle (How to Acquire, Harness, and Wield Power)»

Feb 012016
The Power of Proud

No matter the sport, I failed with gusto during my school years. I managed to wallop myself in the face playing volleyball, softball made me wince, the most long suffering perfectionist I know gave up on me being a basketball player in just one afternoon, and the list goes on. In short, I stunk. As Continue Reading «The Power of Proud»