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Feb 012016


No matter the sport, I failed with gusto during my school years. I managed to wallop myself in the face playing volleyball, softball made me wince, the most long suffering perfectionist I know gave up on me being a basketball player in just one afternoon, and the list goes on. In short, I stunk.

As an adult, I gave karate a hearty try thinking, “It can’t be any worse than the rest of my dismal resume of athletic attempts. Besides, if I fail at this too, I can always tye-dye the pajama looking get up, so that is my silver lining.” True to form, I messed up big time at my first opportunity to perform solo in front of a full room despite hours of extra practice. With tears of embarrassment still dripping onto my standard issue student uniform, our instructor, Mr. Rountree, addressed the class saying, “I am proud because that took guts and she didn’t quit.” To my further amazement, he continued by addressing me, “Your best is always good enough”…and I believed him.

That brief but powerful statement changed a lot for me. It is now my honor to take pride in my students and there is something to be proud of in each of them. Try beginning a sincere statement with “I am proud of you for…” and see what happens.

Originally published April 1, 2013


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  6 Responses to “The Power of Proud”

  1. Your best is indeed always good enough! Love that.

  2. Love to you Christa…you are an inspiration.

  3. Love the story and photos. (I remember you telling this at your Shodan test.) Thanks for being you and an inspiration to us all! :) Love ya!

  4. My daughter Jillian looks up to you and wants to be just like you. Thank you for your dedication and encouragement to my daughter. We both love you!

  5. Christa You have taught me alot!

  6. This is so great, Christa! So proud of all you’ve accomplished during all the years I’ve known you! You were a joy to teach and I know you have to be a joy as a teacher!!

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