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Feb 112016

Sometimes when we are trying to add a new element to our childrens’ lives it can be a bit nerve racking, especially if we feel like we live a super busy life. We sometimes go into an overwhelmed mindset of “How do I fit it all in?” As a mom of ONE toddler I get that way sometimes and can only imagine how it feels for a parent of multiple kiddos.

Today, I am going to share a few strategies to get your kids moving on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how many kiddos you have or if it’s raining outside. These things can be incorporated into your current daily schedule! I used these strategies in my classroom when I taught 30 kindergarteners and they work at home just as well.

How to get your kids moving daily

Make It A Race: Anything the kids are doing can be turned into a race. Put on a timer or count as they do what they already were going to do like cleaning up toys or taking out the trash. Most kids love a little competition, even if it is just against themselves or a timer!

Incorporate Actions: Kids do quite a bit of walking throughout the day. To the car to go to school, to the fridge for snack, into the store while running errands, from living room to bedroom to get a toy, etc. This is a great time to incorporate actions as they walk. For younger kids, they can hop to where they are going or karate chop on the way. For a bit older you can encourage them to move like a certain animal as they make their way to their destination.

Add To Routines: There are many times that children are just standing or waiting which is a good time to add some extra movement. Times like: brushing teeth, running bath water, waiting for microwave/toaster, waiting for the bus, etc. These are times you can get your kids to bust out a simple exercise movement.

When being intentional about adding daily movement into your children’s current schedule, they end up burning calories, using their imagination and having fun! And really – it doesn’t take much time, effort, energy or supplies on your end. Of course, each of these things are done in a fun, exciting kind of way to encourage kids and aid them in embracing movement. Just think — these are things we can do as adults with our kids or within our day to ensure we get moving as well!

What are ways you ensure your kids get moving each day?

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