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Feb 262016


(from March/April 2016 Issue, Oklahoma Sports & Fitness)

As an endurance athlete you eat, breathe, and sleep your sport. While you may know all of the benefits of strength training (and that you need to do it), the question is, where does it fit in your schedule? And as all athletes should question, what program will give you the most bang for your buck?

Strength and power are key components to successful performance. And if you’re injured, you can’t compete! To the right are three circuits that promote both sound posture and injury prevention with strength and power to get you in and out of the gym quicker – so you can do more of what you do best: eating, breathing, and sleeping your sport.

Perform a dynamic warm up pre-workout (5 minutes of walking lunges, walking quad stretch, walking straight leg hinge, lateral lunges, etc. I also incorporate some grid rolling, extra rotator cuff work/internal and external rotations, and dynamic stretching on the true stretching cage). Do what your body needs to prepare.

While we could come up with a dozen more circuits, consider simply tweaking the exercises each time you work out or once your body becomess too familiar with them. For example, maybe the single leg Romanian Deadlift (RDL) becomes a straight RDL with a bar. The barbell squat could become a front squat, or you may even try a leg press. The cable two-arm fly might become an exchanging press, still in a stagger stance. Even consider changing the plane of motion and doing your ball slams with rotation.


1. Arm Circles. Stand with feet straight ahead and arms at a T

Keeping legs tight and shoulders squeezed back, perform 40 tight circles

forward then reverse

2. Back Hyperextensions (bench, stability ball, or on stomach); 8 repetitions

3. Pull ups. Smooth and controlled, use a band for assistance as needed

(or machine for weight assistance); 8 repetitions

4. Dynamax or Medicine Ball Slams. Perform 6 repetitions or 30 second battle

rope waves

Repeat Circuit 3 Times


1. Serratus Pushups. Perform a push up in a plank position, allowing your shoulders

to protract (peel away) at the top of the movement; 8 – 10 repetitions

2. Single Arm Bench Press; 8 repetitions

3. Cable 2-Arm Fly in Stagger Stance. 8 – 10 repetitions

4. Medicine Ball Squat to Throw High. Perform 6 repetitions or 30 second battle

rope squat to drive ups (hold handles at chest and focus on the “up” movement.)

Repeat Circuit 3 Times


1. Ab Wheel / Stability Ball Rollout. Maintain a plank on your knees while the body

rolls out and in as a unit. Use abs and lats to pull the device back in. 8 repetitions

2. Single Leg RDL (Romanian Deadlift) with dumb bells. 8 – 10 repetitions

3. Barbell Squats. 8 – 10 repetitions

4. Kettlebell Swings. Perform 30 seconds (vary with straight swings, single arm,

alternating arm, etc.)

Repeat Circuit 3 Times

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