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Mar 232016

Before my daughter was born, I worked out six days a week. Often times, it was running or cycling and other times it was a weight session or yoga. Although my workouts shifted, I was active up until the day I went into labor. I gradually started power stroller walking and couldn’t wait for my doctor to release me to resume full exercise once I was six weeks post-delivery.

However, getting workouts in with a little one was an adjustment. Still now with her approaching two years old, I still get to be creative sometimes to ensure I get a workout in.

Being a mom of young kids can make it hard to workout. Here are 4 hacks to get workouts in even with a young child.

Here are four hacks to get your workout in with a young child.

1)      Find mom workout groups

I have been seeing more and more of these pop up around Tulsa. They range from mom running programs to dance classes with babies in carriers on mom’s front side. Whatever you enjoy doing, find a group of moms that enjoy doing the same thing. These options are great for seasons in life that the child is not too mobile yet, or if you aren’t ready to leave your child.

2)      Tag team with another mom

Find a neighbor mom who would be willing to trade workout times with you. You drop your child off to have your workout time and then you swap. Or maybe it happens on different days. This is great for moms that want and need solo workout time. An extra benefit? Your kiddo gets a play date!

3)      Gyms that have child care

Some gyms offer child care if you are open to leaving your child for a bit. The gym I go to is only $10 a month, which allows my daughter to go for an hour and half up to 6 days a week. That is an amazing deal! We typically only go four times a week, but still it works out great! I am not going to lie, in the early days, I went to the gym just so I could take a shower.

4)      Allow the kids to be a part

Letting your toddler be involved in the workout can sometimes be an option too. Pushing them in the stroller as you run or in the cart while you cycle can add to your workout while letting them experience something new. I have also been known to use my daughter as weights, and she can be found doing yoga with her dad in the living room.

The wonderful thing is, no matter how we go about it, when we make time to work out — our children see that. We show our kids that getting active is important. Putting ourselves first to get our workouts in even with young children doesn’t only benefit us, but our family as well. Implement these four hacks and you will be well on your way to getting a workout in even with a young child!

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