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Apr 112016


Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant” (Ecclesiastes 11:4, NLT).

This past weekend I got to spend some much needed sister time with a few of “the girls.” We all live crazy lives balancing kids and careers, but we all secretly love the quest for optimal living. Normally, I’m leading the fitness movement with some talk of an upcoming run or my latest fitness discovery.

Not this time! As we enjoyed our spa day, I found myself with a dropped jaw and an inspired heart. Some of our “girls” could compete with their twenty-year-old younger version of themselves. Seriously impressive.

As I listened to everyone share what they were doing, from Crossfit to clean eating to intensives, I took mental notes and committed myself to begin my own pursuit on Monday. Of course, when I made this commitment it slipped my mind that I would be traveling four states within twenty-four hours with only a small amount of time to pack between the weekend get-a-way and the week with the family in Memphis.

But the new day dawned, and ready or not, this newly committed woman began to look around the hotel room for the famous running shoes that had been dusted off and thrown in the bag. Found. Next up was the socks….ugh…socks…no socks. At this moment a critical decision had to be made. Would I give up a week and lose the momentum and encouragement of seeing my friends because the conditions were fair instead of perfect, or would I carry on with a possible blister or two?

Carry on, of course. Because I have learned one thing for certain from my time here on earth – that if any of us wait for perfect conditions there is a large possibility that we will miss what we could’ve had, could’ve been, or could’ve experienced. Perfect isn’t on this side of heaven, and that pertains to your workout routines as well.

Carry on, and stay motivated my friends.

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