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May 112016

It’s no secret that playing outside has positive effects on kids! It supports them in staying physically fit, but it can also support them emotionally!

Giving kids the opportunity to stretch and play in nature helps them to alleviate stress and recharge their imagination. Here are three moves inspired by yoga and nature that your kids can do outside while they get some fresh air.

3 Outside Moves For Kids That Alleviates Stress and Regenerates Their Imaginations (It works for adults too!)

Tree Pose

Have your child choose a place outside that is peaceful to them. Have them put their feet together and their hands by their side. Shift their weight to one foot, bend the other knee to draw that foot up. They will press the sole of their foot against the inside of the opposite thigh, knee or calf. Hands can go on hips or up to the sky. Repeat move on opposite side.

Waterfall Position

Your child will stand with their feet hip width apart and stretch their arms straight up above their head. Bend backwards slightly allowing the chest to open up. Tell them to imagine water flowing from the tips of their fingers towards the ground. Return to starting upright position and repeat.

Blossom Move

Your kiddo gets to lie on their back with their arms on the ground stretched above their head. Breathe in and out deeply. As they breath out they will sit up slowly extending arms upward and then over to their toes. Breathe in as they continue to touch their toes. They will continue to breathe as they sit back up with arms over head and back to starting laying position. Repeat as many times as wanted.


These three moves will not only alleviate stress and recharge their imagination, but it will also give them a sense of peace and help center them. Of course, doing these moves with your child will allow you to get the same benefits! Take a moment today to stretch in nature with your kiddos.

What other outside moves do you and your kids do together?

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