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May 242016

Every sport needs equal power-drive-from each leg. In my nearly 20 years of training I have yet to see anyone (from the youth athlete to the weekend warrior) who is 100% aligned and as strong with their dominant leg as they are with their non-dominant leg. I’m including myself in that category! So it’s crucial to train for it, creating as much strength and power as you can in each leg.

So how do you do it?

I typically superset strength with power and use lower reps. I typically start the following routine with loads of dynamic flexibility (because my 41-year old body needs it!) And before I get into my single leg work, I perform at least 1 exercise (3 sets) of an exercise that works both sides simultaneously (like a squat). I also finish my single leg work that way just to try and see how symmetrical I am and to really focus on it. The strength is performed heavy, where my last 2 reps are a big challenge, and the power exercises are minimal weight, if any. I’m using 6 reps as a target right now since the goal is strength/power.

Pre-Workout: Dynamic Flexibility (10-15 minutes); I include some work on the TRX and take time to engage glutes very well with single leg movement.

Warm Up:  Squats (moderate/3 sets of 10 reps; vary with smith bar, front squats, dumbbells, etc.)

Superset 1:  Single Leg Squats on Smith Press – Plyo Jumps Single Leg (Choose a low enough box so you can keep the knee in line with the foot when going down and keep a soft landing…step down.)


Superset 2:  Leg Extension –

Single Leg Hinge Drive on Plyo
(Hinge body down and stay hinged as you drive one knee up and down. Keep the knee of the foot on the plyo box bent and the knee over the ankle the entire time.)

Superset 3:  Single Leg Standing Hamstring Curl – Single Leg Cable Hamstring Curl (Keep a tall posture and only perform the pace you can without arching your low back! Drive your heel toward your butt while keeping the abdominals engaged. Come down a little slower before driving the heel again to the butt.)


End with a different type of squat then you did in the warm-up (3 sets of 10 reps again). And be smart and stretch the major muscle groups…power work tends to make most of us a bit sore.

Happy single leg power training! And feel free to respond to this post with ideas – I’m always looking to improve my training!


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