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Trevor Bridges is a private trainer, holds a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science, a level one Sports Performance Coach certificate from USAW, and is CrossFit level one certified. Trevor owns and operates his own training facility, Nikao Strength and Conditioning, alongside his wife in Tulsa, OK. Fitness is his passion and expertise and he can help you master your body and mind to unlock your full potential. He believes fitness should be fun, practical, challenging, and applicable to every day life. If you focus on the details and seek excellence in everything you do, success is guaranteed! Trevor enjoys all things that make him look and feel more like a superhero: gymnastics, weightlifting, snowboarding, break dancing, martial arts; if there is a high degree of technicality, he's on board.

Sep 082016
Everyone is an Athlete: 9 Misconceptions about Strength Training, Genetics, and Bad Habits

As a trainer in the 21st century, one of my primary goals is to dismantle all the false information gleaned from the internet.  Our burden and our curse is living in a time where information is right at our fingertips.  Recently I had the pleasure of answering the following questions.  Instead of repeating myself a hundred times I have Continue Reading «Everyone is an Athlete: 9 Misconceptions about Strength Training, Genetics, and Bad Habits»

Mar 102016
Getting Your First Pull-Up (Part 1)

Among the many goals I hear from people, executing an unassisted pull-up usually ranks among the top ten. Whether you’ve been at the fitness game for many moons or if you’ve just begun your journey, pull-ups are an excellent way of assessing your progress. Can you do one already? How about two? How about ten? The Continue Reading «Getting Your First Pull-Up (Part 1)»

Feb 042016
Your Power Struggle (How to Acquire, Harness, and Wield Power)

Is this an article justifying your authoritarian leadership style? No, but it is an article that should help boost your power output and help you make decisions to succeed more and fail less. And by power output I don’t mean how much energy and torque you can create around your bike pedals or your hips Continue Reading «Your Power Struggle (How to Acquire, Harness, and Wield Power)»

Jan 152016
New Year, New Goals (Hello Opportunity)

I heard some advice a while ago that made me cringe. The advice was as follows: An individual should not set specific goals for themselves, because they risk not meeting those goals and then subject themselves to failure, a trend that many people repeat year after year. Once the goals are not achieved, the realization Continue Reading «New Year, New Goals (Hello Opportunity)»