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Alana Yates


Alana Yates, AAHFRP, MES, ACE-CPT has served the fitness industry as a coach, group exercise instructor, and personal trainer/fitness manager for over fourteen years. She was born and raised in Tulsa, OK, and played and coached collegiate soccer before beginning her fitness career as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. She has coached youth soccer and offered sports conditioning training and classes for basketball, tennis, and soccer athletes. Alana has also taught various group exercise classes such as: spinning, outdoor fitness/boot camp, and post-rehab/posture alignment.

Alana owns and operates an in-home personal training company in the Tulsa area. Her specialties include: post-rehabilitation, posture alignment therapy, injury prevention, and sports conditioning. She has her Master's degree in Health and Kinesiology from Northestern State University and is certified as a medical exercise specialist, Egoscue posture alignment specialist, and a personal trainer through ACE. She also holds her USSF B soccer coaching license.

Her goal is to empower people from all walks of life to discover their inner-athletes and achieve their goals, and help people find activities they enjoy so they stick with a training program. Alana knows this is key to experiencing long-term results.

Aug 312016
Out of the Blues: Overcoming Post-Race Depression

  (from September/October 2016 Issue, Oklahoma Sports & Fitness) You train for weeks, months, maybe even a year or more. You and your family make sacrifices for your training — everything from only eating at certain restaurants your body can tolerate during your training to waiting for you to complete a training session so the Continue Reading «Out of the Blues: Overcoming Post-Race Depression»

May 242016
Building Speed, Explosiveness (Single Leg Movements)

Every sport needs equal power-drive-from each leg. In my nearly 20 years of training I have yet to see anyone (from the youth athlete to the weekend warrior) who is 100% aligned and as strong with their dominant leg as they are with their non-dominant leg. I’m including myself in that category! So it’s crucial Continue Reading «Building Speed, Explosiveness (Single Leg Movements)»

Apr 202016
Smart Training: Head Home or Suck it Up?

Any athlete has been there. You’re killing it in training. You have goals to reach…a PR is finally obtainable with all of the extra mileage you’re putting in. Suddenly, your body stops responding during a workout. You feel sluggish. You feel a stuffy head or even an intense stomach ache coming on. Maybe you feel Continue Reading «Smart Training: Head Home or Suck it Up?»

Jul 232015
Leaner, Stronger, Faster: Obstacle Race Training II

In continuing my obstacle course training for my August 22 race, I’ve found that I’m really enjoying coming up with ways to train for the obstacles. As I mentioned in my last blog, here is a sample of a typical workout: After using the grid to work on tight areas/myofascial release, I always do a Continue Reading «Leaner, Stronger, Faster: Obstacle Race Training II»

May 262015
Leaner, Stronger, Faster: Obstacle Race Training

I’ve finally signed up for a race after having kids and taking a few years off from competing. And instead of easing my way in, I’ve entered the “Conquer the Gauntlet” race in Tulsa, on August 22. This is thanks to my best friend who signed us up after I texted her and said, “What Continue Reading «Leaner, Stronger, Faster: Obstacle Race Training»

Jul 172014
TRX Functional Strength / Speed Circuit

Here’s a great sample workout that incorporates functional strength with speed intervals. Simply attach the TRX suspension trainer to a tree at your local park or use a tube wrapped around a tree. You can vary your running interval and decrease/increase time, intensity, recovery between exercises/sets, etc. Perform 8-10 reps per exercise (although I’m less Continue Reading «TRX Functional Strength / Speed Circuit»

Feb 242014
Quick Pulley Strength Circuits

All of us have friends, family, work, etc. pulling us in many directions. Heck, I’m even feeding my 6 month old while I’m typing this! Regardless of your training goals, it’s always crucial to include strength training, but you certainly don’t need 2 hours per day. Here’s a couple of quick circuits you can do Continue Reading «Quick Pulley Strength Circuits»

Oct 202013
5 Quick Exercises to Prep Your Body

After years of playing soccer, long-distance running, and having poor posture holding babies, I’ve learned my body not only wants — but DEMANDS a proper warm up before I participate in any type of training. I’ve written in the past about different types of warm ups. There is a time and place for all types Continue Reading «5 Quick Exercises to Prep Your Body»