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Anne O’Shields spends most of her daylight hours raising her two children and enjoying being a part of the Norman, Oklahoma community. When the sun is not out, Anne is either up early on a run with her best running friends or up late catching up with her husband or writing. Follow her running and “mommy” life on and on her blog, a not-so-subtle nod to her size 12 running shoes. She also posts regularly on Instagram @aobigshoes.

Feb 092015
Outside the Heart-Shaped Box

Think outside the heart shaped box of chocolates and do something fitness related this week to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas to get those endorphins flowing: Register for a race together. Run with your sweetheart or maybe your relationship can handle a little healthy competition? Edmond Running Club’s Frigid Five Miler takes place Continue Reading «Outside the Heart-Shaped Box»

Jun 142014
Behind A Running Mother… (Thank You!)

Behind this mother runner there is a… Saturday Morning Child Watcher Post Long Run Coffee Maker Race Day Kid Wrangler Dedicated Spectator Action Shot Photographer Sore Muscle Massager Rest Day Wine Getter Patient Listener Doubt Defeater Biggest Supporter To all the dads who back a mother runner… Happy Father’s Day!! Share this post:Continue Reading «Behind A Running Mother… (Thank You!)»

May 212014
The Incredible Running Platform: Fundraising and Awareness

With the spring racing season nearing a close, my thoughts are turning to powering through some summer training and coming out strong for fall races. Most of the registration and selection for the “big” fall races have come and gone. Still, there is a way for you to cross one of these races off your Continue Reading «The Incredible Running Platform: Fundraising and Awareness»