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Bryan Sloan


Bryan Sloan grew up in Amber, Oklahoma, and currently lives and works in Oklahoma City. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and works in the oil and gas industry as a natural gas trader. In February 2009, Bryan decided to run his first half marathon and immediately fell in love with endurance sports. Since then, he's continually looked for new challenges and has competed in several marathons and Ironman races. Bryan is also a member of the GoMitchGo Foundation's Oklahoma City endurance sports club that raises money for blood cancer research.

Nov 252014
Offseason – What Exactly Does It Mean?

By now, most Oklahoma area athletes are entering a grey area in their training and racing schedule. Darkness and cold temperature have become the norm, and most of our racing is done for the year. Suddenly, we are left to decide what to do with all this extra time on our hands and we finally Continue Reading «Offseason – What Exactly Does It Mean?»