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Cassie Celestain


Cassie found her passion for running in college after she completed her first 5k to raise money for cancer patients. Since then she has continued to race different distances up to the marathon and has incorporated cycling. She even met her husband at the Tulsa Run and then had a running themed wedding. She is wife and supporter to Ryan, and Mommy and playmate to Madilynn. She is the author of Totally for Me book series which will be releasing the first book “Running is Totally for Me” this September. On her free time she also enjoys reading, crafting and trying new recipes.

May 112016
Outside Moves For Kids That Alleviate Stress

It’s no secret that playing outside has positive effects on kids! It supports them in staying physically fit, but it can also support them emotionally! Giving kids the opportunity to stretch and play in nature helps them to alleviate stress and recharge their imagination. Here are three moves inspired by yoga and nature that your Continue Reading «Outside Moves For Kids That Alleviate Stress »

Dec 062015
One Thing Never To Say To Your Kid Who Plays Sports

As parents, we often want to encourage our kids to get active and moving. Often times that comes in the form of sports. I believe there are tons of lessons children can learn from team and individual sports! Things like endurance, sportsmanship, teamwork, agility, dedication, cause and effect and the list goes on and on! Continue Reading «One Thing Never To Say To Your Kid Who Plays Sports»

Oct 242015
4 Ideas To Get Your Kids Active While Stuck Inside

We are starting to get to the time of the year where the weather is a bit unpredictable. We’re destined for cooler days and rain from out of nowhere. Even though it may not be the best environment to have the kiddos outside to get active, there is still definitely a need for that! When Continue Reading «4 Ideas To Get Your Kids Active While Stuck Inside»