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Clay "Kicker" Mayes III


Clay Mayes III was a high school state distance running standout and ran for Oklahoma State University for three years, and the University of Oklahoma for two years.

His personal records include an 8:31 3K, 14:15 5K, and a 24:57 XC 8K.

Clay’s extra time between work and training is spent doing volunteer private coaching, helping produce nine state champions, one state cross country course record holder, and close to twenty all-staters.

Clay is a big moviegoer, and enjoys everything outdoors - taking a few secluded mountain hikes each year.

Clay is currently in the process of becoming a police officer, and has recently obtained his EMT certification.

Clay is striving to once again be a competitive runner, as he makes progress in his rehabilitation from injury.

Clay has always found a way to compete at any level. At times, he was known to run 140-160 mile weeks in college. Aside from getting his overly competitive gene from his dad, who used to be a Professional Bull Rider, Clay is easy going and a big believer in patience and putting in the time to accomplish the goals at hand.

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