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Katy Sorrell


Katy Sorrell is a competitive cyclist on DNA Racing and enjoys crib and road racing. Her top performances have included being the first female from the University of Oklahoma to qualify and compete at the 2015 USAC Collegiate Road Nationals in Asheville, NC., winning the criterium and road race stages of the Joe Martin Stage Race, winning the state championship criterium and road race, and being the runner up in the state championship time trial. She continues to improve her cycling performance and hopes to be on an elite racing team in the near future. In December 2015, she graduated Summa cum Laude with her Master’s of Science degree in Molecular and Anaerobic Microbiology from the University of Oklahoma where she was also in the top 5% of highest ranked graduate teachers.

Sep 262016
Inside the Race: Reflections on 2016

As the summer racing season is coming to an end, I often find myself reflecting on the happenings of this season.  2016, you were pretty great, and so many situations inspired me, made me laugh, and made me excited for next year.  I only have time to share just a couple funny stories with you, and Continue Reading «Inside the Race: Reflections on 2016 »

Apr 252016
Power Training: Eliminating The Guesswork

(from May/June 2016 Issue) What is power and how is it measured?   Power is one of the essential training tools for cyclists. In my opinion, if you had to decide between training solely with power or heart rate, I believe that power training is more effective than the latter. For cycling, power is a Continue Reading «Power Training: Eliminating The Guesswork»

Feb 202016
Women's Cycling:  Working Towards a Positive Future

For the relatively short amount of time I have been involved with the cycling community, I’ve seen both the strengths and shortcomings of women’s cycling within the regional area. For the most part, I love the instant camaraderie women have when they meet on the bike. Sure, once we toe the starting line, no one is Continue Reading «Women’s Cycling: Working Towards a Positive Future»

Jan 112016
Offseason Training with a Purpose!

After being on a constant adrenaline high from racing all summer long, the months of September and October approach and all bike racing ceases until February. This is time for a little rest and recovery — before reflection, planning, and then dedicating yourself to winter offseason training … if you can stay motivated during the Continue Reading «Offseason Training with a Purpose!»

Sep 282015
Your Best Performance: The Checklist

Over this past year, I have compiled a list from various interviews I have read with elite endurance athletes, and from my own personal experiences, of what athletes do in their daily lives that enables them to train and race at the elite level. Yes, I’m sure there are many other bullet points that could Continue Reading «Your Best Performance: The Checklist»