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Monica Epperson


Monica Epperson is the Chairman and CEO of Blended Love, Inc., an innovative nonprofit addressing divorce and family change through the classroom. She founded Blended Love in 2008 with a mission to bring hope and camaraderie to the child of divorce through the classroom.

As a certified teacher and graduate of Northeastern State University, Epperson can relate to the changing dynamics of today's classroom. Aside from the growing mandates on coursework and academic accountability, there is also the emotional management of today's student. Coming from a divorced home as a child she can empathize with the uncertainty students face and the interference with absorbing necessary curriculum. And yet, as a teacher she can identify with the frustration of discipline and organization that can accompany a child of divorce.

Monica speaks locally as the "voice" of the child of divorce, and is also a children's author. She wrote her first book in 2007, A Heart with Two Homes, and another in 2011, Bounce.

Monica enjoys sharing her newfound passion for running and fitness, and the role it plays in her professional, family, and social life.

Apr 112016
Conditions are Perfect, NOT

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Grief Walking

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Dec 152015
Grief Walking

This time of year can be a sad, intro-perspective season for many. If you are one of those people, I’m truly sorry for your loss. Whether it was a loss of an ideal, a person in your life, or financial – hear my empathic understanding. Oftentimes those around you don’t fully understand how to validate Continue Reading «Grief Walking»

Sep 062015
Your Turn

I’m sure you’ve listened to the instructions on an airplane for mothers on the plane to put on their own oxygen mask first if the cabin loses pressure. Well, what about self-care? It seems so selfish, yet logical. Over the last two weeks our family has been challenged with multiple new experiences. We’ve moved an hour Continue Reading «Your Turn»

Jul 302014
Best Half Marathon I've Ever Run (Without a Medal…)

Although Eden and I were not able to make it to Montana as vegan runners, we were able to run the Missoula half marathon this month. Our vegan experiment proved to be difficult in the midst of training.  My bet is that when you choose to change your dietary habits in a dramatic way, it Continue Reading «Best Half Marathon I’ve Ever Run (Without a Medal…)»

Mar 292014
Running Alongside: A Chance for the Children

If you haven’t heard of Matt Benjamin or Bless the Children Ministries — don’t worry you will someday.  Actually, maybe that day is today. So, Mr. Benjamin, a high school student at Regent Preparatory School, went on a trip to Uganda and met hundreds of orphans that inspired him to utilize all of his resources Continue Reading «Running Alongside: A Chance for the Children»