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Nick Meyer


Nick Meyer is a boy from Colorado that is lost in Oklahoma. He loves Jesus, his wife, family and riding a bike (any bike). Nick spends most days helping people work smarter and building systems that enable it. The rest of his time is divided by the chaos that is called, "mid-life." In spite of all the demands on his time, he still finds ways to pedal a bit every week.

Nick is featured in the May/June 2011 issue of Oklahoma Sports & Fitness Magazine.


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May 092013

  How does stillness come from movement? How do you find silence in the midst of noise? I don’t understand how, but I can testify that it does happen. When I run or ride, I find peace. My life involves noise…lots of it. Noise can be unwanted, loud and full of too much information. Some Continue Reading «Noise»

Apr 012013

Starting is hard on many levels. Starting a new job, new routine/habit, new sport, stage of life, relationship, or a blog can be intimidating.  Even starting a ride takes tremendous effort.  Have you ever found yourself with the time, gear and perfect conditions for a ride or run and yet you just can’t get out Continue Reading «Why Is Starting So Hard?»