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Scott Downard


Scott Downard lives in Stillwater, OK making the move from Norman, OK last fall. He works at the Colvin Recreation Center on the OSU campus as a fitness coach by virtue of his Health and Exercise Science degree from the University of Oklahoma and his USATF coaching certification. Currently, he is obtaining a great number of students and faculty who are all very new to the sport, ready to run either the half marathon or full marathon at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

Scott's interests include anything outdoors (fishing, hiking, camping, biking, kayaking), traveling to and running in new places, exploring said new places, pubs and food installations, cooking, and brewing beer and wine.

As of April 1, Scott has run twelve marathons, some biggies like Chicago and Boston, and then a smattering of others locations. He has recorded a 2:25 best in the marathon and will continue to pursue that and every other racing distance and running discipline including trails and ultra events.

Aug 162016
Up Closer: Oklahoma Running Giants In The Olympic Trials

As we tune into an amazing two weeks of Rio Olympic coverage, it’s fitting to shed some light on a few of the Okie’s that vied to be one the infinitesimally small pool of athletes that gets the honor of competing on the grandest stage of all in track and field. These are some athletes Continue Reading «Up Closer: Oklahoma Running Giants In The Olympic Trials»

Dec 112014
Out of Nowhere? Cook Goes Back-To-Back in Oklahoma

I’ve known Jason Cook for quite a while, since the days when we were both Mckinley Elementary Mavericks. He’s a couple years older than I am, which is enough of a divide that we didn’t really hang out much, but we grew up in the same neighborhood and matriculated through the same Norman Public Schools. Continue Reading «Out of Nowhere? Cook Goes Back-To-Back in Oklahoma»

Jul 232014
Mountain Adventure: Slopes, Storms and Streams

This time of the year typically necessitates an excursion to the mountains for some camping and trail running. Due to the tight constraints of two busy schedules, my girlfriend and I had to compact this year’s road trip into a week. As usual, I was inclined to set my sights on a run up a Continue Reading «Mountain Adventure: Slopes, Storms and Streams»

Jun 202014
Don't Train Like a Dog

My apologies if this offends any canine readers or humans that disagree with my logic: As an outdoor enthusiast and dog step-owner, I often find myself trying to train alongside a black lab/mutt named Asher. I wouldn’t say our training goals are entirely incongruent, just somewhat imbalanced. We both enjoy being outside on the run, Continue Reading «Don’t Train Like a Dog»

Feb 182014
Find The Groove (What's Your Motivation, Anyway?)

Over the last 6 months, I’ve had some fun with my running. In particular, I’ve toed the line at a variety of distances in a number of different area codes. Competition aside, I also made the tough decision to move back to Norman, at least temporarily. This means I don’t get to see my girlfriend Continue Reading «Find The Groove (What’s Your Motivation, Anyway?)»

Sep 272013
You Know Fall Running Season Has Arrived When...

- You may actually need to don more than just shorts and shoes before heading outside. Add some colder temperatures, I may even have to start wearing socks again. – Trails become safe to re-visit, with fewer spider webs, snakes, and poison ivy. Watch your step when the leaves start to fall and the deer Continue Reading «You Know Fall Running Season Has Arrived When…»

Apr 012013
The Perks of a Stillwater Transplant

I thought that I would use this first blog post to better introduce myself and give a bit more insight into my motivations and observations while getting out the door daily to enjoy running and exploring my current home base. I have been living in Stillwater since last summer, having spent much of my time Continue Reading «The Perks of a Stillwater Transplant»