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Sloan Taylor


Sloan Taylor, MS, RD, CSSD, LD is the Sports Dietitian for the University of Tulsa, a Clinical Dietitian for St. Francis Hospital, and teaches Sports Nutrition for the TU School of Nursing. As an avid runner and a former cyclist, Sloan enjoys working with both collegiate and recreational athletes to improve their performance and to maintain a healthy weight. She is certified in Adult Weight Management and is Board Certified in Sports Nutrition.

Sloan graduated from Oklahoma State University with both a Bachelors degree and Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences.

Aug 242014
Fish and Mercury Levels…is it Really a Big Deal?

Consumer Reports released this month (August 2014) a safety report regarding fish and mercury levels. This may not be a risk for those who rarely eat fish, but what about those who consume it two to three times a week (or more)? The report states that tuna may have a higher level of mercury than Continue Reading «Fish and Mercury Levels…is it Really a Big Deal?»

Apr 142014
Shop Local: Support Your Athletic Stores!

Last week I had the privilege to go to Stillwater and give a presentation to OSU students majoring in Dietetics. Road trips are fun and I can’t pass up an opportunity to visit my alma mater. My friends who have traveled with me in the past learned to expect that I’ll always try to locate the Continue Reading «Shop Local: Support Your Athletic Stores!»

Mar 222014

Have you ever considered the fact that we all have to eat?  From the time you are born until you near your death date, you eat to survive.  It’s a natural and a required process.  Your body is equipped with enzymes, hunger cues, and the sensory glands to taste, smell and see the food you Continue Reading «What’s Been On The Peel?»

Dec 302013
So The Assault is Almost Over...

You’re almost through the most hectic and diet-wrecking period of the entire year. Congratulations: The assault is almost over. 1)  You’ve made it through Thanksgiving (that’s like an assault with the occasional weird concoctions such as green jello with suspended cabbage).  Where you may feel guilted into filling your plate with small portions of food Continue Reading «So The Assault is Almost Over…»

Nov 262013
Wild Observations from the Williams Route 66 Marathon

1) How cold was it? The person singing the national anthem was audibly shivering as he sang 2) It’s never a normal thing to see two different men standing in ladies thick terry-cloth bathrobes as their “throw-away” clothing 3) I actually was caught saying out loud “Look at the women in the bath robe!” only to Continue Reading «Wild Observations from the Williams Route 66 Marathon»

Jun 042013
Dietitian vs. Nutritionist: What's the Difference Anyway?

I get asked almost weekly if there’s really a difference between a “dietitian” and a “nutritionist”. The answer is yes and I’ll explain in a moment … but on a side note what’s funny to me is that people will actually argue that I am misspelling the word “dietitian”. For the record, it’s like the Continue Reading «Dietitian vs. Nutritionist: What’s the Difference Anyway?»

Apr 032013
Shop Local Fitness: Why Your Support Means So Much

For those of us who live in Tulsa, we’ve got it good. I could say the same thing about Oklahoma City. Think about it, we have several locally owned running stores and bike shops. We also have the chain stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports & Outdoors, and Sports Authority. However, each time Continue Reading «Shop Local Fitness: Why Your Support Means So Much»