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Sep 282015
Your Best Performance: The Checklist

Over this past year, I have compiled a list from various interviews I have read with elite endurance athletes, and from my own personal experiences, of what athletes do in their daily lives that enables them to train and race at the elite level. Yes, I’m sure there are many other bullet points that could Continue Reading «Your Best Performance: The Checklist»

Aug 262015
So I Signed Up For A CrossFit Competition...

(from September/October 2015 issue, photo by Sam All)   When I drank the CrossFit Kool-Ad in November 2014, I thought, “No way will I ever do a competition. That’s for hardcore rocked up athletes. I just want to see results.” I had the same attitude when I started running; I wasn’t interested in doing races, and Continue Reading «So I Signed Up For A CrossFit Competition…»

Jul 232015
Leaner, Stronger, Faster: Obstacle Race Training II

In continuing my obstacle course training for my August 22 race, I’ve found that I’m really enjoying coming up with ways to train for the obstacles. As I mentioned in my last blog, here is a sample of a typical workout: After using the grid to work on tight areas/myofascial release, I always do a Continue Reading «Leaner, Stronger, Faster: Obstacle Race Training II»