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Oct 202013
5 Quick Exercises to Prep Your Body

After years of playing soccer, long-distance running, and having poor posture holding babies, I’ve learned my body not only wants — but DEMANDS a proper warm up before I participate in any type of training. I’ve written in the past about different types of warm ups. There is a time and place for all types Continue Reading «5 Quick Exercises to Prep Your Body»

Jun 212013
External Crutches Lead to Internal Problems

“Hey there buddy, what are you doing?” I asked as I walked by a dude doing some pretty crazy looking leg raises. “Just some abs,” he replies, “I’m really trying to get my core in shape for the summer”. Not surprised by his response I ask, “Why do you have your hands under your hips?” Continue Reading «External Crutches Lead to Internal Problems»

May 312013
Outer Knee Taping: IT Band

We’ve heard about it, experienced it, or known someone who has had it. That’s right: IT band problems. I remember my first major IT band experience. We were in a group run. I had a sudden searing pain in the outer part of my lower thigh near my outer knee. I hobbled and I limped. Continue Reading «Outer Knee Taping: IT Band»

May 142013
Injuries and Athletes: How To Cope and Encourage

Throughout my recovery of my knee injury, I’ve been seeing sports doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors. You name it, I’ve been there.  I have been receiving numerous emails and texts from friends and family for ideas, stretches, shoe inserts and more to help with my problem.  But now, after 5 weeks of recovery, and still having the same Continue Reading «Injuries and Athletes: How To Cope and Encourage»