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Martial Arts

Feb 012016
The Power of Proud

No matter the sport, I failed with gusto during my school years. I managed to wallop myself in the face playing volleyball, softball made me wince, the most long suffering perfectionist I know gave up on me being a basketball player in just one afternoon, and the list goes on. In short, I stunk. As Continue Reading «The Power of Proud»

Jun 122015
Ms. Judy: A Portrait of Perseverance

“Well, I’m off to kick small children”, says Ms. Judy as she leaves her office to teach karate. Her co-workers return her quirky departure with inquisitive “have you lost your mind?” looks. “Hey, they hit back” she replies with mock exasperation. Judy Stokley was the portrait of perseverance. Despite her advanced age, she started karate Continue Reading «Ms. Judy: A Portrait of Perseverance»

Feb 192015

Elijah is fighting for his life against cancer and I’m pleased to say he is currently winning. Working in a missions and benevolence organization (cleverly disguised as a family of fighters), I get to meet some remarkable people all over the world. Elijah is one of these. He is one of our instructors in the Continue Reading «Elijah»

Jan 062015

I recently had the rare treat of attending the Bartlesville Symphony. Each instrument on stage is comprised of hundreds of individual parts…metal, wood, reeds, string, wire, etc. Each part is crafted to exact specifications for the instrument to make it’s unique sound. Each instrument is played by someone who has studied and trained that specific Continue Reading «Symphony»

Nov 042014

Embusen is a Japanese term meaning “beginner’s mind.” Also, during the practice of forms, embusen is the starting point to which the fighter returns (in some forms) if all stances are executed properly. The importance of this mindset is a willingness to learn, change, and improve. Since forms are handed down from instructor to student, Continue Reading «Embusen»

Sep 042014
Adding the Good

“Hi. My name is Christa and I’ve been a vegan for 16 months.” “Hi Christa.” (I hear an imaginary room full of reformed carnivores chanting in unison). Yes, sometimes it feels like one needs a support group for making a lifestyle change. It’s a challenge to alter old habits. We don’t realize how much some Continue Reading «Adding the Good»