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Aug 232016
Microbiome and Endurance Exercise

When it comes to dietary considerations for endurance exercise, carbohydrates, iron, and electrolytes such as sodium and potassium are nutrients that are commonly of focus.  Perhaps protein consumption comes to mind when thinking about recovering from a long or strenuous run. Foods that favorably affect the bacteria colonies that populate our intestines, such as indigestible Continue Reading «Microbiome and Endurance Exercise»

Sep 282015
Your Best Performance: The Checklist

Over this past year, I have compiled a list from various interviews I have read with elite endurance athletes, and from my own personal experiences, of what athletes do in their daily lives that enables them to train and race at the elite level. Yes, I’m sure there are many other bullet points that could Continue Reading «Your Best Performance: The Checklist»

May 212015
Against The Grain: Can "Gluten Sensitivity" Sabotage Our Health?

I first became aware of gluten during my junior year of college, when one of the top runners on our cross country team was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Celiac disease. This followed years of mysterious bone fractures and perpetual volatile gastrointestinal issues. At the time, while it was great that she finally had a Continue Reading «Against The Grain: Can “Gluten Sensitivity” Sabotage Our Health?»

Feb 202015
Cheat Meals: Hurtful or Helpful?

Someone explain something to me: why is everything good in this world illegal, immoral, or fattening? Okay maybe not illegal or immoral but fattening for sure. Doughnuts are good, nachos are good, and cheesecake is fantastic. Unfortunately, all of those things are fattening and you will probably never see them on any kind of diet Continue Reading «Cheat Meals: Hurtful or Helpful?»

Sep 042014
Adding the Good

“Hi. My name is Christa and I’ve been a vegan for 16 months.” “Hi Christa.” (I hear an imaginary room full of reformed carnivores chanting in unison). Yes, sometimes it feels like one needs a support group for making a lifestyle change. It’s a challenge to alter old habits. We don’t realize how much some Continue Reading «Adding the Good»

Aug 242014
Fish and Mercury Levels…is it Really a Big Deal?

Consumer Reports released this month (August 2014) a safety report regarding fish and mercury levels. This may not be a risk for those who rarely eat fish, but what about those who consume it two to three times a week (or more)? The report states that tuna may have a higher level of mercury than Continue Reading «Fish and Mercury Levels…is it Really a Big Deal?»