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Jun 122014
Taking the "Junk" Out of Junk Food

I believe that setting a good example for my kids is one of my most important jobs as a parent. This includes all aspects of living healthy, including a good diet.  Food habits are started young, something I have no doubt noticed when sitting around the dinner table with our little ones.  Many tactics have Continue Reading «Taking the “Junk” Out of Junk Food»

Apr 192014
Fitness and Nutrition: An Ever-Changing Dynamic

Lately, I have been answering a lot of questions from people about how many times per day they should be eating.  I usually start answering them by asking them the same questions.  Most people respond with the same answer:  5-6 smaller meals per day.  Anyone that has been involved in fitness over the past several Continue Reading «Fitness and Nutrition: An Ever-Changing Dynamic»

Apr 112014
Homemade Energy Protein Bars

I usually use Standard Process bars in the office because they are quick, not sweet, whole food sourced and offer good protein (whey and egg). But I’ve looked at creating my own again. Here’s a collection of recipes I created a while back with some new additions. I’ve been looking for a protein bar that Continue Reading «Homemade Energy Protein Bars»

Mar 222014

Have you ever considered the fact that we all have to eat?  From the time you are born until you near your death date, you eat to survive.  It’s a natural and a required process.  Your body is equipped with enzymes, hunger cues, and the sensory glands to taste, smell and see the food you Continue Reading «What’s Been On The Peel?»

Mar 122014
Balanced and Delicious: Dr. B's Vegan Almond Butter Banana Breakfast Bars

As a runner, I’ve found how important it is for me to find the right personal nutritional balance. Before heading out for a run, I like to pick a snack with plenty of carbohydrates, but not too much fat, fiber or protein (which could slow digestion, and cause “issues” on the run). For me, good Continue Reading «Balanced and Delicious: Dr. B’s Vegan Almond Butter Banana Breakfast Bars»

Mar 042014
Food Concepts: The Right Choices

Eating seems like such a basic concept. When your body is hungry, feed it. When you feel full, stop eating. Some argue that food is food and at the end of the day, calories are calories. Make sure you don’t get too many or too little.  Seems pretty basic, right? Sure, the actual act of Continue Reading «Food Concepts: The Right Choices»

Feb 172014
Tomato Bacon Basil Man Food (a.k.a. Qu_che)

It’s no secret that protein is a necessary ingredient for building muscle mass. It especially important this time of year as you are laying down a base level of fitness in preparation for the spring and summer racing season. But for some reason, I’ve never been able to embrace the name of my favorite egg Continue Reading «Tomato Bacon Basil Man Food (a.k.a. Qu_che)»

Dec 302013
So The Assault is Almost Over...

You’re almost through the most hectic and diet-wrecking period of the entire year. Congratulations: The assault is almost over. 1)  You’ve made it through Thanksgiving (that’s like an assault with the occasional weird concoctions such as green jello with suspended cabbage).  Where you may feel guilted into filling your plate with small portions of food Continue Reading «So The Assault is Almost Over…»