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Oct 082015
Three Weeks Away: Overtrained or Well-Rested?

Here we are, about three weeks away from the much anticipated Tulsa Run! Lately, I have had many runners, myself included, complain of being excessively tired. There are many reasons for this feeling, running related and not. It is quite common to have feelings of fatigue in the middle of any training cycle. The best Continue Reading «Three Weeks Away: Overtrained or Well-Rested?»

Sep 062015
Preparing for the Tulsa Run: Taking on the Hills

A good tip for any upcoming race is: know your course. Now you certainly don’t need to memorize every turn or curve, but know enough about it to incorporate similar courses into your training. When training specifically for the upcoming Tulsa Run, be aware — the course does have hills! Not just one or two, Continue Reading «Preparing for the Tulsa Run: Taking on the Hills»

Aug 232015
Countdown to Halloween: Special Focus on the Tulsa Run

It’s that time of year again! It is time to focus my training on this year’s Tulsa Run. And whether you are running the 5K course or taking on the whole 15K course, it is time to be logging miles and stepping up the training. Depending on your goals for the Tulsa Run, everyone’s training Continue Reading «Countdown to Halloween: Special Focus on the Tulsa Run»

Jun 302015
Knee Deep In Fun

(from July/August 2015 issue, photos courtesy Tough Mudder) Tough Mudder promotes itself as “Probably The Toughest Event On The Planet,” and their videos and marketing do a good job to project that message. They depict shirtless super fit athletes struggling through miles of various obstacles. They often don’t show the slews of everyday people that Continue Reading «Knee Deep In Fun»