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Nov 062015
Has It Been 40 Hours Yet!!? (Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd)

It was a dark and stormy night… Well, actually it was an absolutely gorgeous night. Cool temperatures, clear skies. No moon though…but hey, you can’t get everything you want. So, on October 16, at 10:00 p.m., 15 souls stood at the starting line of the Pumpkin Holler 135 Mile Ultramarathon. I signed up for this Continue Reading «Has It Been 40 Hours Yet!!? (Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd)»

Jun 302015
Knee Deep In Fun

(from July/August 2015 issue, photos courtesy Tough Mudder) Tough Mudder promotes itself as “Probably The Toughest Event On The Planet,” and their videos and marketing do a good job to project that message. They depict shirtless super fit athletes struggling through miles of various obstacles. They often don’t show the slews of everyday people that Continue Reading «Knee Deep In Fun»

May 262015
Leaner, Stronger, Faster: Obstacle Race Training

I’ve finally signed up for a race after having kids and taking a few years off from competing. And instead of easing my way in, I’ve entered the “Conquer the Gauntlet” race in Tulsa, on August 22. This is thanks to my best friend who signed us up after I texted her and said, “What Continue Reading «Leaner, Stronger, Faster: Obstacle Race Training»

Mar 272015
No Mama, No Papa, No Uncle Sam

On Sunday March 22nd, I completed in the 26th Annual Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The Bataan Memorial Death March is truly a living memorial, honoring a group of World War II heroes. U.S. military (including almost the entire New Mexico National Guard) and Filipino soldiers were forced Continue Reading «No Mama, No Papa, No Uncle Sam»

Feb 232015
Running Goofy!

We press toward the mark. We push our speed. We check off our training miles and delve into miles-per-week, minutes-per-mile and steps-per-minute. We compare previous times and train for another PR. But sometimes it’s nice to let all of that go. I’ve been running watchless lately. To some runners this is the equivalent of running Continue Reading «Running Goofy!»

Feb 152015
Gear Review:  Newton Motion III Limited Edition

If you know what the phrases #lugshots or #hellobetter mean, then you’re likely a runner using the shoe brand Newton. Since 2006, the company has been a leading innovator of the forefoot/midfoot running style and has crafted a unique design into their shoes to encourage a forefoot strike via the innovative “actuator lug” technology. The Continue Reading «Gear Review: Newton Motion III Limited Edition»

Jul 232014
Mountain Adventure: Slopes, Storms and Streams

This time of the year typically necessitates an excursion to the mountains for some camping and trail running. Due to the tight constraints of two busy schedules, my girlfriend and I had to compact this year’s road trip into a week. As usual, I was inclined to set my sights on a run up a Continue Reading «Mountain Adventure: Slopes, Storms and Streams»

Jul 102014
Ruck-Tastic: Independence Day

Many people spend their Fourth of July watching fireworks in their lawn chair while eating potato salad.  It’s certainly one fine way to celebrate Independence Day. In fact, this was pretty much my Fourth of July tradition in years past. But this year, I did something completely different. This year, I took on a challenge.  Continue Reading «Ruck-Tastic: Independence Day»