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May 112017

I’ll admit it.  I’m a bit Type A.  Okay, maybe more than just a bit.  I like being in charge, and I certainly don’t like asking for help. So, in typical Type-A fashion, when I entered my first “big” triathlon, Ironman Austin 70.3 a few years back, I felt I had covered all the bases Continue Reading «What You Can Learn From My Spectacular Failure»

Jun 142016
Legendary Bay, Steep Hills, and Rugged Terrain: The Great Escape

Race Report: Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon Race day started with the alarm going off at 3 am. We rode our bikes from the hotel to transition. First, we had to get my bike serviced as a result of poor shifting the day before (this didn’t help my nerves at all). I then set up my Continue Reading «Legendary Bay, Steep Hills, and Rugged Terrain: The Great Escape»

Feb 152015
Gear Review:  Newton Motion III Limited Edition

If you know what the phrases #lugshots or #hellobetter mean, then you’re likely a runner using the shoe brand Newton. Since 2006, the company has been a leading innovator of the forefoot/midfoot running style and has crafted a unique design into their shoes to encourage a forefoot strike via the innovative “actuator lug” technology. The Continue Reading «Gear Review: Newton Motion III Limited Edition»

Nov 252014
Offseason – What Exactly Does It Mean?

By now, most Oklahoma area athletes are entering a grey area in their training and racing schedule. Darkness and cold temperature have become the norm, and most of our racing is done for the year. Suddenly, we are left to decide what to do with all this extra time on our hands and we finally Continue Reading «Offseason – What Exactly Does It Mean?»

Apr 142014
Shop Local: Support Your Athletic Stores!

Last week I had the privilege to go to Stillwater and give a presentation to OSU students majoring in Dietetics. Road trips are fun and I can’t pass up an opportunity to visit my alma mater. My friends who have traveled with me in the past learned to expect that I’ll always try to locate the Continue Reading «Shop Local: Support Your Athletic Stores!»

Nov 022013
On The Road: Sticking To Your Training

I travel from time to time for my job. These trips invariably happen when I’m prepping for a race of some kind and I desperately want to keep my momentum going by sticking to my RTTP (Ridiculous Triathlon Training Plan) when I’m on the road. Sticking with the plan isn’t always possible, however. I’ve found Continue Reading «On The Road: Sticking To Your Training»