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Aug 092013
Race Report: Ironman Coeur D'Alene

  Well, it’s over. In my first attempt at the full-iron distance, I crossed the finish line at 14:36:17–a long day. But I’ve earned the title, “Ironman.” Here then is my post-race report. The Weather I left the 95 degree heat of Oklahoma and stepped off the plane into 50 degree weather.  On race day, Continue Reading «Race Report: Ironman Coeur D’Alene»

Jul 252013
Trading in "Good" for "Better"

Sometimes you have to give up good things in order to make time for better things. My pastor has preached about this topic before, but lately I’ve been finding it pretty relevant in athletics as well. Going into this week, I had to really decide what “good” training would be and what “better” training would Continue Reading «Trading in “Good” for “Better”»

Jun 192013
Father's Day Thoughts...a Few Days Late

My dad always pushed me to achieve. Anything I dreamed of accomplishing, he backed me with unwavering faith. His eyes told me his words weren’t lip service– they were truth. He never let me back away; he never let me be a “girl” about anything. My dad was the guy that gave me my first Continue Reading «Father’s Day Thoughts…a Few Days Late»

Apr 092013
The Battle at Galveston (70.3 in the Books!)

Race Day: Ironman Galveston 70.3 I started out race morning with butterflies in my stomach. Like every other race day, I was very nervous and anxious. All my fellow Tri OKC friends started an hour before me, so it made my wait for the eighteenth wave even longer. Sitting and waiting impatiently, I was worried Continue Reading «The Battle at Galveston (70.3 in the Books!)»

Apr 062013

Since the Redman 70.3 last September I haven’t taken much recovery time. It has now affected my overall mental and physical state. I started my journey into the cycling/ triathlon world last April. Once I started, I went “all in”. Since last May, I have done 2 century bike rides, 7 half marathons, the triple Continue Reading «Racing Through The Pain »

Apr 012013
The Driving Force

I’ve been competing in triathlons for the past twelve years. I started out in 2001 with the SuperSprint Tri at OCCC in Oklahoma City and I’ve never looked back. Since then, I’ve mostly been drawn to the Half Ironman and Ironman distances. Not necessarily because I was good at them, but because it was more Continue Reading «The Driving Force»

Apr 012013

Any time you begin something new, there is the inevitable learning curve.  That certainly holds true with my journey through triathlon.  In my first few months of training, I collected a vast assortment of bumps, scrapes, and near-drownings.  Prompting my wife to ask the classic question, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”  Newcomers Continue Reading «Newbie-Ville»

Apr 012013

As an adult, I’ve decided to dedicate a good majority of my spare time towards running, cycling, and swimming.  I am currently not married and have no kids (besides my dog that is) so I am able to be pretty selfish with my time towards this hobby. I am originally from Enid, Oklahoma and ran Continue Reading «My Whole New World»