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May 272014
Beware of Repetitive Movement! Work It, In Other Ways (And Don't Forget To Rest)

It has been a very busy season, which leads me to address a simple but powerful concept I use with a lot of our athletes: cross-train in movements that you don’t normally do in your activity. I often see a seasoned runner or cyclist come into the office from injuries after working through a grueling Continue Reading «Beware of Repetitive Movement! Work It, In Other Ways (And Don’t Forget To Rest)»

Apr 012013

I find myself lost at a gym, hammering away at the elliptical. How did I get here? Why am I blasting, “Journey-Don’t Stop Believing,” through my state of the art Bose headphones? To answer your first question, I suffered from the same thing the Greek God Achilles suffered from.  If you know your Greek mythology, Continue Reading «The Role of The Mindset»

Apr 012013

Thank you for checking out my spot on the newly developed OKAthletes site!  As a private fitness trainer I talk to several people who indicate they are unable to exercise because of an injury, or health problem, or some other (real or made up) reason. I want to show and provide people with information, or Continue Reading «Injured Fitness»